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Before the beautiful Grand Stand Stadium at the USTA Tennis open today, there was Wyatt W. Underwood and his company 30 years ago stripping the paint surfaces and preparing the USTA for the world-renowned players.

Tennis Court Surfacing Design, Construction, and Multi-Layer resurfacing with the highest quality of surfacing acrylics by Koch Materials. Tennis Courts were the original mainstays of Safe Guard Surfacing.

The USTA Open in Flushing Meadows, New York turned to Safe Guard Surfacing to design and develop a flexible acrylic resurfacing solution for all the walkways that led to the many different activity areas. This solution revitalized the US Open pathways and provided a stunning look. This flexible acrylic product was so successful; we manufactured it for many years after that.

At Safe Guard Surfacing, we’re not only proud of the quality of the unique projects like the USTA Open Tennis Courts, but continued our tradition of the highest quality of Design & Build from Public Schools, and Parks & Recreation to the affluent residences of the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

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