Poured In Place

Safe Guard | Poured-in-Place Safety Surfacing

Pretty, pourable and perfect for any surface.

Poured-in-Place safety surfacing is your only choice for your playground surface or recreational floor Poured-in-Place is ideal for playgrounds, golf cart paths, jogging paths and tracks, pedestrian bridges, putting greens, gym floors, theme restaurants, pool decks, childcare centers, and anywhere that needs slip-resistance specialty flooring or creativity-inspiring playground surface.

Versatile Poured-in-Place Playground Surfaces and Recreational Flooring Poured-in-Place Safety Surfacing is mixed and poured on site, so that it can be custom molded into a wide range of shapes and thickness. It boasts a porous, monolithic two-component surface that allows for free-form designs while meeting safety standards and special architectural and aesthetic requirements. Its unique surfacing is locked with an elastic polyurethane binder specially formulated for installation over aggregates like asphalt, concrete, or stone. Its cushion underlayment varies in thickness to buffer falls up to 12’ and is capped with a durable Virgin EPDM Rubber Wearing surface.

Poured-in-Place Safety Surfacing: Perfect for Dreamy Playground Landscapes This product allows you to add play value with any combination of playground designs such as: Hopscotch, tetherball, geometric shapes, alphabets, numbers, and themescapes.

  • Benefits
  • Mixed and poured on-site
  • Allows for customized free-form playground designs, including school colors, logos, graphic, and more
  • Environmentally safe playground surface and recreational flooring
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Vibrant, non-toxic, non-staining colors
  • Certified to comply with CPSC Standards, as well as ASTM and ADA guidelines
  • Installation is backed by a 5-year guarantee

Standard Colors

Terra-cotta (Red), Green, Blue, Beige, Black