Playground Rubber Mulch

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Kid-friendly, eco-friendly, lasts for years.

Our Playground Mulch is the Best Mulch for Your Playground Surface!

If you’re looking for a ground-breaking way to protect kids and our environment, then PlayMulch, recycled playground mulch is for you. It’s made of recycled rubber from tires that have been granulated, cleaned and designed for backyard and school playground use. Plus, it features Microban

Anti Microbial Protection to guard from infections. Good for kids, good for the planet.

Versatile and Safe Playground Rubber Mulch

PlayMulch, recycled playground mulch is fast becoming the first choice for commercial safety, backyard safety, and for any rubber mulch landscape. It’s safe, softer and more durable than sand or wood mulch—colorful, fun and bouncy too! It’s non-toxic, non-staining and won’t attract

insects. It’s safe for kids and pets, and PlayMulch, playground mulch poured to just a 4 inches offers 8 foot fall protection! Our recycled tire mulch is the best mulch around for playground surfaces and play areas.

  • Benefits
  • Our playground mulch will not blow or wash away
  • Environmentally safe for any rubber mulch landscape
  • More durable than other protective products
  • Vibrant, non-toxic, non-staining colors
  • Microban Anti Microbial Protection
  • Certified to comply with CPSC Standards, as well as ASTM and ADA guidelines
  • Mulch Installation is backed by a 5-year guarantee

Safe Guard Play Mulch Variety

When evaluating Play Mulch, keep in mind there many numerous specifications, sizes and styles to choose! Contact your Safe Guard Surfacing Representative to best guide you to the best product to meet your particular needs.