Landscape Rubber Mulch

Safe Guard | Landscape Rubber Mulch

The colorful, clean and eco-friendly solution.

Rubber Mulch Landscape and Garden Mulch Solution

Imagine a top-quality mulch that beautifies and protects your landscape year after year, without any additional effort from you. Landscaping Mulch does just that and more. It’s the vibrant,

low-cost, high-performance rubber mulch. A mulch layer for your landscape that won’t blow away, or discolor, and it can be added anywhere you need protective covering—planting beds and borders, landscapes, playground areas and more.

Recycled Rubber Mulch that is the Best Mulch for Your Landscapes

The benefits of Landscape Mulch are many. It saves time and money because of its durability. Our mulch is heavier and won’t blow or wash away like other mulch. It won’t attract termites and bugs like other mulch products. And it boasts fun, vibrant colors that are non-toxic and non-staining. Better yet, Landscape Mulch is made from old tires that have been cleaned, shredded and recycled especially for landscaping. It’s the clean,

colorful, eco-friendly solution! Safe landscaping mulch for your own backyard, safe for the planet.

  • Benefits
  • No annual mulching—saves time and money!
  • Environmentally safe mulch
  • More durable than other mulch products
  • Vibrant, non-toxic, non-staining colors
  • Doesn’t attract insects
  • Helps soil retail vital moisture
  • Installation is backed by a 12 month guarantee