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Safe Guard Stadiums | Artificial Turf & Tracks

For tracks, arenas, infills and more—this is a winner!

Complete Recreational and Sports Facility Materials, Construction and Installation.

Our Safe Guard Stadiums products offer clean, safe, durable and eco-friendly solutions for all of your infill, stadium or equestrian needs. They won’t deteriorate, can be used indoors or out—and provide safe cushioning, superior drainage and very low maintenance!

Sports and Recreational Products for Stadiums with Professional Installation

Whether you need a strong, unified, and impact-absorbing surface for your sports team, a long-lasting, antimicrobial infill for stadiums or indoor arenas, or any sports turf, go with a proven winner. All Safe Guard products come with installation that’s backed by an eight-year guarantee!

  • Benefits
  • Improves footing, absorbs impact, protects athletes
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Controls dust
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Doesn’t freeze, all-weather
  • Increases training time, decreases cost of maintenance
  • Installation is backed by a 5-year guarantee